Between 15 and 20 August 2014, we completed a medium-size venture entitled Bordering on Madness. This primarily involved travelling the length of Hadrian's Wall - the historic boundary between England and Scotland - playing at a variety of interesting places along the way (including Wallsend, Castle Keep in Newcastle, Hexham Abbey, Lanercost Priory, Carlisle Cathedral and others).

However, we also took in the England-Wales border, playing on top of the tower of Chester Cathedral (which we had not managed to do during the Cathedral Roof Tour, due to a restoration project). Although not a sponsored challenge, along the way we did collect plenty of money for one of our favourite charities, Aspire (who provide help and rehabilitation for people with spinal cord injuries).

The full story of Bordering on Madness, as told on our blog at the time, is repeated here.