Since 2003, the Extreme Cellists have taken musical performances to new heights, and depths, by giving performances in numerous extreme locations. Many of these have been part of challenges to raise money for charities.

In summer 2016 we completed our most recent venture - Pier Pressure - in which we played on all 58 surviving seaside piers in Great Britain in the space of 14 days, to raise money for two charities - Alzheimer's Society, and CHICKS.

Find out more about Pier Pressure, our previous challenges, and Extreme Cello generally by using the links at the top of this page.

Quite odd... but decidedly lovely
— Fi Glover, BBC Radio 4
Gives new meaning to the phrase ‘traveling musician’
— Sports Illustrated (USA)
One of the world’s oddest extreme sports
— The Times
Didn’t sound very extreme to me
— Jeremy Clarkson, The Sun