Day 0: Extreme cellists venture to France...

So here we are, off on another tour. Our first outside the British Isles... we have travelled to France so that we can spend the next five days commemorating the centenary of the end of World War I; in particular, we will be playing at sites where British composers and poets saw action, and will be playing music written and inspired by them.


We’re staying in the French town of Arras, not far from many of the battlefields of the Somme. It was a long drive today from Chester, including a trip with Eurotunnel, but we are now safely ensconced en France, and have begun the tour by practising our new repertoire before heading out for some dinner. Our cellos are enjoying having a French bed to sleep on too, as you can see from the picture...

Tomorrow we’ll actually be crossing the border into Belgium, as well as playing in France. Each day until Saturday we’re going to focus on at least one composer and one poet; tomorrow it’s the turn of the Gloucestershire duo, poet F. W. Harvey and composer & poet Ivor Gurney. We’ll say more about each individual, and their works, on subsequent days’ blogs.

We're not expecting much (if anything) in terms of audiences, but if anyone does happen to be in this part of the world in the next few days and wants to come and see us play, let us know via the contact form and we'll let you know where you can find us!

Highlight of the day: Arriving in Arras to see what a wonderful small city it is - magnificent architecture!

Quote of the day: "You should play in the square! People will give you lots of money!" - a passing Frenchman as we took our cellos out of the car on arrival in Arras.